Employment Opportunities in Arkansas

To: All Potential SunScope Installers in Arkansas:

Thank you for inquiring about the Arkansas SunScope. The SunScope is a tubular
skylight that you can install in as little as three hours. There is no painting, dry wall
repair, or structural change required for installation. Some of the advantages are:
there is no heat gain or loss with the SunScope, and when installed to specifications,
it will not leak.

At this time we are looking to set up reputable dealers around the state to wholesale
and retail the SunScope.

When you become a dealer we will give you protected sales areas. To become a
dealer you have a one-time purchase of 25, 4' x 13" SunScope kits. For a limited
time only, you will get 30 SunScopes for the price of 25. We will provide all the
information you need to install and sell your SunScopes. We have promotional and
installation videos available to help you sell and install the SunScope. Training classes
are also available!

Simply put, SunScope is the Cadillac of the industry. We firmly believe that, in time,
tubular skylights will replace the standard skylight as we know it. We will not be
selling the SunScope to the big chains of home centers. We prefer the mom and pop
operations for obvious reasons. If you want to become a dealer, or if you're just
looking to have a SunScope installed in your home, please don't hesitate to call.

And, SunScope comes with a 10 year warranty!

We will be offering radio and television advertising to promote any new dealer. If
you want a price list, call me at: (501) 821-6608, (501) 821-5349, or my pager at
(501) 399-6799.

Or you can click on the email "mailto:" link below.

Rick and Charlotte Finkbeiner

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