Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs
about SunScope.

Q: How much space will the SunScope illuminate?

A: Depending on ceiling height, the SunScope will illuminate
approximately 225 square feet.

Q: Is the SunScope easy to install?

A: Yes, a handyman can easily install the SunScope in less than
three hours. Because the cylinder is only 13 inches in diameter, it
requires no structural changes, drywall repairs, or repainting.

Q: Does the SunScope require any maintenance?

A: The SunScope has no mechanical parts and, when properly
installed, is maintenance free.

Q: Is there a problem with leakage?

A: Once the SunScope is properly installed, there is no way for
leakage to occur.

Q: What is the maximum length of pipe that can be installed?

A: The SunScope has a maximum practical length of 20 feet.
Beyond this length, loss of light warrants the larger, 21 inch
diameter SunScope.

Q: Does the SunScope block harmful UV rays?

A: Yes, the SunScope blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. However,
house plants flourish under the natural, full-spectrum light provided
by the SunScope.

Q: What is the SunSCOOP?

A: The SunScoop is an optional attachment to maximize the perfor-
mance of the SunScope during winter, when the sun is low on the
horizon. The curved, reflective SunScoop more than doubles winter-
time performance.

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