SunScope vs. Incandescent Lighting Equivalent

 The light provided by SunScope equals:  200 - 900 watts on cloudy days
   1500 watts on sunny days.

The accepted formula for costing electricity by B.C. Hydro is:
# watts x # hours /1000 = # kilowatt hours x rate (.06)

Therefore, if we average the daily wattage to 850 watts, and an average of
12 hours light per day, it would cost:
850 x 12 / 1000 = 10.20 kilowatt hours x .06 = 61 cents per day
or $222.65 per year.

**NOTE** This does not take into account the replacing of bulbs. If this
incandescent system had to be installed, the average cost would be $150.

Over the 10 year warranty period of SunScope, it would cost
$222.65 x 10 = $2226.50 to provide the same amount of light.

SunScope wins hands down in this comparison. As well, the quality of
natural light vs. artificial light is healthier and less shadowy. The SunScope
is energy free and less expensive. Widespread use in home and office can
reduce power plant emissions more than any other day lighting product.

NOTE: The above information supplied by British Columbia (Canada) Hydro.
Costs may vary throughout North America.

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