Everything You'd Like to know About Acoustic Guitars by Bob Boyd

Here's a quick five-minute course in how to buy an acoustic guitar. Whether or not you buy from me, I want you to know there are really only three 'grades' of guitar, no matter what brand name or price.

All guitars are either:

a) laminated wood (plywood) top, back and sides;
b) solid top, plywood back and sides; or
c) all solid woods, top, back and sides.

Laminated Top (Plywood) Guitars:

The lowest priced guitars, the beginner guitars priced under about $300, have all plywood tops. Plywood makes a very durable top, and some of them have a fairly good tone. Look for several features in a guitar; Is it easy to play? Does it look good? How is the workmanship detail? Does it sound good? Our sales people all play the guitar and are happy to demonstrate the sound of our guitars, if you don't yet play. We have several models to show you in the $150-$250 price range.

Solid-Top Guitars

A solid spruce or cedar top guitar not only sounds better when new, but it improves with age and playing. You can easily see for yourself whether a guitar has a solid top. Examine closely the inside rim of the big round hole in the middle of the top. If it is one thickness of wood, you will see the woodgrains up to the edge of the rim, and you can follow them with your eyes right on through the inside edge of the hole. If the rim is darker than the color of the top, you have a plywood top. Be carefull! There are some plywood top guitars selling for $500 or more. They are pretty, but the top will never improve in sound quality. We want you to know what you are buying. If you are going to pay $300 or more for a guitar, and want to buy one which will improve with age and playing, you should go ahead and spring for a solid-top guitar. We have many solid-top guitars in the $300-$500 range. We will play both guitars for you, and you don't have to be a musician to hear the difference in the sound.

Also, all our guitars (and everything else we sell) carry a 12-month parts and labor warranty. Some have a two-year, five-year, even a lifetime warranty!

All Solid-Wood Guitars

The best guitars on the market have solid tops and are solid wood back and sides. These guitars begin in price about $750. They all carry lifetime factory warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. If you want to buy a guitar that will last a lifetime, and provide a lifetime of joy and pride, you need to purchase one of our Taylor or Guild guitars. They are made in the USA, and are among the best guitars made in the world.

Bob Boyd