Here's what you can do 'so far' on the Boyd Site...

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Subscribe to our "You've Got a Friend" magazine ONLINE!

This option will allow you to "electronically" subscribe to "You've Got a friend", our FREE, quarterly magazine. All you need do is fill in the blanks, click on the "Submit" button, and we'll handle the rest. DO IT!

The Online version our "You've Got a Friend" magazine!

At long last, you can now view our "You've Got a Friend" magazine while online. Better
yet, you can download the YGAF magazine, pictures and all, and peruse the entire issue
while offline. Downloading and viewing while "offline" is the prefered method, as this will
provide you with a permanent record of YGAF. Whether viewing online or off, you will
need to have installed the Adobe Acrobat reader on your system. The Acrobat software
is FREE, and a link to where you can download it is available by clicking on the button.
You will also find the online version of YGAF by clicking the same button. DO IT!

Check out the LINKS to our vendors. This is HOT!

Clicking on the "LINKS" button will take you to a page where you can simply click on a graphic of any number of our major suppliers like Peavey, Fender, Mackie, etc... You will instantly be swept away to that particular manufacturer's Web site. This page may take a minute or two to load, but it's worth it. If you get stuck anywhere just click the "BACK" button on your browser 'til you get back to here.

LINKS to some of our friend's sites. A MUST DO!

Clicking on this button will take you to a page where you can not only link to the sites of many of the friends of Boyd Music Center... You will also find links on this page that will connect you with
other local businesses like recording studios or advertising media. If you need help promoting yourself, or your band, you need to click on the "Friend's Links" button.

Your answers to this will help us to better serve you.

This is how you can talk to us and let us know what you like, dislike, or would like to see changed about Boyd Music Center. We also don't mind a bit if you let us know about things you DO like about Boyd's. Please don't forget to click the "Submit" button when you've completed the survey.

Purchasing an "acoustical guitar."

Everything you'd like to know about acoustic guitars. This quick five-minute course will help you in making a more informed decision about buying your first or next non-electric guitar. Click the button for Bob Boyd's advice.

A street map to Boyd Music Center. HOT!

This Map is "INTERACTIVE"! Once you get to it, CLICK ON IT. You can then ZOOM in or out, so you can see our location from a neighborhood perspective, out to where we are in the entire USA. You can also get and print detailed road/street directions to our location, as well as a map from where you are to where we are!

This is the online version of our in-store bulletin board.

If you would like to place a classified ad on our electronic bulletin board, please click the
button and follow the prescribed guide-lines. We encourage you to use this service and we
also appreciate your patronage.

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