Following are Links to some of my favorite
Websites. Click the image to Link to the desired site!

 Square dancing in Little Rock and the central Arkansas area. This is my Mom and Dad's Website!


 Who's playing what and where it's being done in Arkansas. The magazine for and about Arkansas musicians.

 The Carver Patent Law Website. This site is owned by my good friend Steve Carver. If you need to secure or register a copyright, patent, or logo, click the image at left. This site is maintained by my good friend, Ms. Sherri January.

 The "Art of Beauty" Website is operated by my good friend "teh." Click the link to view some really great glamour shots. There is no nudity on this site but there are lots of pics of pretty girls, as well as a "Bachelor's Politically-Incorrect Beauty Tips for Women" page.

    Slanted Fedora is the company that brings us all those FABULOUS Star Trek Conventions.     Complete with series stars, merchandise, and tons of other neat stuff. Click the graphic to
link to the site and learn when there is going to be a Star Trek Con in your area.
I have been to THREE of them.