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Notice the diagonal crease in the upper left-hand corner, and the
horizontal crease in the upper right of the 'before' image. Both have
been eliminted in the 'after' image. Also notice that the extreme upper
right-hand corner of the image is damaged to the point that there is
nothing there. We see nothing but white. Notice in the 'after' image,
that I have completely restored the upper right-hand corner of the
image using a special cloning technique.

Please read further for more image enhancement information...

the 'before' image


the 'after' image

Note I have repaired the image of the woman at far left, the blanket on
her lap now looks real. I have also removed numerous scratches from
all over the image, and have enhanced the lettering on the bass drum
at far right, so "The Martin Family Band" logo is much easier to read.

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and all images. Test me... Other examples available on request...